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Helping Our Peninsula's Environment

The group which stopped "Dirty Harry" and "The Terminator."

Clint Eastwood tried to destroy thousands of trees in an imperiled forest for a golf course and 
Gov Schwarzenegger aerially sprayed our Monterey Bay cities with secret untested pesticides.
HOPE lead both winning battles.

Founded in 1998, due to overwhelming public support, HOPE is known for, and dedicated to, protecting our natural environment and providing genuine democracy on California's Greater Monterey Peninsula by providing world class vision, advocacy, and public education in environmental science and law, and public participation. 

HOPE works on many dozens of issues a year

and wins at least half of them (107 wins in 2000).

(HOPE website in Espanol, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano, Japanese and others)

State of Our Peninsula's Environment 2018
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  • HOPE participates in more governmental meetings than any other Monterey County non-profit.
  • HOPE’s website shows up as number 1 in many Google Searches and is Monterey County’s largest environment and democracy website with more than 350 pages.
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