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"Not only can you beat City Hall - regularly, you can have a whole lot of fun with wonderful people while winning." -David Dilworth

Recent Victories


17 Achievements in 2008 (so far)

41 Achievements in 2007

49 Achievements in 2006

2005 Achievements

2004 Achievements

90 Local Victories in 2003

92 Local Victories in 2002

91 Local Victories in 2001

107 Local Victories in 2000



* Win Fish Ranch / Palo Corona Ranch -

The spectacular 10,000 acre Fish Ranch / Palo Corona Ranch was purchased for $37 million so it can be a Regional or State Park. The breathtaking land is the huge ridgetop on your left as you leave to drive down to Big Sur. It goes uphill back from Highway 1 following the coast all the way South to Garapatta canyon - just behind the Soberanes trail. It includes several year round streams with Endangered Species Act listed steelhead and California red-legged frogs.

Please Thank Assemblyman Fred Keeley for putting the two successful Billion bond bills on our ballot. And thank your Regional Park District Directors and General Manage Joe Donofrio for putting in 5 million dollars.


* Hatton Canyon is a Park. After a 50 year battle the Carmel Freeway is finally dead.

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The gigantic Carmel Valley Dam is Dead (but Cal-Am still refuses to withdraw its application)

PEN 2001 Radio Shows

Bush Agrees to List 29 of our most Imperiled Species. 

CoastWatcher Newsletters (Reports on Coastal Commission meetings by Mark Massara)

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