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Monterey Peninsula Environment & Democracy Expertise 2018

HOPE can provide substantial expertise in the following subjects and issues. 

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Most Requested Speeches and Workshops --


Environmental Science - General

What is Science and What Isn't 

Basic Ecology

Sustainable Ecosystems and Leave-It-Alone-Management.

Precautionary Principle & Emergency Edict

Who Should Bear the Burden of Responsibility for Harmful Activities?

Why You Canít Pave Your way Out of Congestion (Roads and Transportation)

How to Stop Pesticide Spraying of Your Community

Why "Better" or "Best" is Irrelevant

General Environmental Impacts 

What's Wrong with Risk Assessment

Using Alternatives Analysis 

Air Pollution & Air Toxics 

Noise Pollution v. Silence Protection

Light and Radiation Pollution & Prevention

Pesticide Pollution & Prevention 

Bird-Safe Wind Generators

Sustainable Development - Isn't

Smart Growth, Smart Pollution & Smart Extraction - Aren't Either

Mad-Cow Disease & Other TSEs

Water Fluoridation

Safe Foods

How Averages Are Harmful

Democracy Law

Beating SLAPP Suits and then Winning Big Compensation for their Violation of Your Civil Rights

Campaign Finance Reform

Realizing Genuine Public Participation with Open Meeting Laws (Brown Act and others)

Enacting Meaningful Sunshine Laws

Actually Obtaining Public Records Rapidly Using Federal & State Access Laws

Property Rights v. Community Rights

Corporate Charter Revocation

Initiatives & Referendums

Recalling Elected Officials

Environmental Law

Why Government Harms the Public Interest

What Kinds of Laws are Enforced? 

How to Use Science with Law 

What are Legal Standards of Review? 

Calif. Environmental Quality Act 

Effective Environmental Impact Report Responses 

Death of a Single ESA Listed Creature is a Significant CEQA Impact 

A Single New Vehicle Trip in Gridlock is a Significant CEQA Impact 

General Plans and Model Elements

Calif. Coastal Act and ESHA

Endangered Species Acts

What's Wrong with Habitat Conservation Plans and NCCPs

National Environmental Policy Act

FIFRA - Why U.S. Pesticide Registration is Meaningless

Inert Pesticide Ingredients Aren't

Democracy Science - General

Measuring Democracy

Why Campaign Finance Reform and Bribery Laws Don't Work, and How to Actually Enforce Clean Government Decisions

Forcing Clean Government Decisions

Chairing a Meeting

Mediation Works Magic 

Destroying Opponents Public Relations by Exposing their Logical Fallacies

Effective Negotiation 

Halting Media Censorship 

Detecting and Combating DoubleSpeak and Public Relations Manipulation 

How to Eliminate Election Fraud Whether Electronic or Paper

Systematic Governmental Avoiding Compliance and Enforcement of Environmental and Democracy Laws 

Environmental Science - Local

Monterey Pine Forest Imperiled Ecology & Protection

Myth of Local Natural Burning - (Monterey Pine Forest and Maritime Chaparral)

Pine Pitch Canker

Peninsula Micrometeorology 

Carmel River's Imperiled Ecology

Local Water Situation & History

Carmel Valley Dam Impacts 

Imperiled Peninsula Animals

California Red-Legged Frog

Southern Steelhead

Imperiled Peninsula Trees & Flowers 

Cruise Ship Pollution & Prevention 

Golf Courses

Peninsula Roads, Gridlock, and Congestion

Local Growth Constraints 

Local Government & Politics

Water District 

Monterey County 

Pacific Grove 


Monterey City


Elected Officials Voting Records 

Chambers of Commerce vs. Our Local Environment 


Peninsula Government Bias for Business and Against Our Environment 

History of Peninsula Environmental Destruction and Protection 

Sneaky Developer Tricks


Specific Projects - Current

Clint Eastwood & Peter Ueberroth's Pebble Beach Company Golf Course, Hotel and Mansion Proposal

Peninsula Subdivisions 

Rancho San Carlos

September Ranch

General Plan Updates --

Monterey County



Pacific Grove


How to Get our $40 Billion back from the Energy Companies

How to make a Sustainable General Plan

Model General Plan Elements - Noise, Light & Radiation, Air, Pesticides, Living Personhood and Ecosystems.

Monterey Bay Sanctuary Plan

Burning Fort Ord

Pesticides vs. Imperiled Species

Marine Protected Areas

Specific Projects - Ongoing

Campaign Finance Reform in Pacific Grove

Secret Growth Forcing Policies and Laws Youíve Never Heard of or Voted On

How Population Forecasts Can Cause Harm

Why Should You Care About Your General Plan?

Water Transfers - Stealing Your Water

Measure A - the phony "Save the Forest for Clint" ballot measure.

September Ranch

Canada Woods North, West & East, & Tehama and Montara

Golf Course Pesticides 

Leaf Blowers 

Specific Projects - Old

Hatton Canyon Freeway 

Carmel River Dam

Rancho San Carlos Referendum

Pebble Beach Company Driving Range Expansion 

Pacific Grove Water Transfers 

Investmark - Fairy Woods  

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