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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Monterey Peninsula Voters Support No-Growth and Environmental Protection?

Glossary - What's a Biostitute?

(Many have said this is the most fun and educational page on our website.) 

How Can I Stop a Harmful Project?

Acronyms - What does CEQA stand for?

How Can I get Government to Do Something Good?

What is the Emergency Edict?

What's Wrong with "Smart Growth" and "Sustainable Development?"

What is the Public Interest?

How Can Conserving Water Harm Our Environment?

What is the Precautionary Principle?

How can we Make Affordable Housing without New Buildings?

How do I find Pesticide-free food?

How Much of Our Environment Can We Protect Without Taking Someone's Property Rights?

What's Wrong with Risk Assessment? And what should we be doing instead?

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