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This Page Last Updated February 19, 2004

Early Warning - AMBAG (Local) Clearinghouse Newsletter

State Clearinghouse CEQA filings

How to Comment How to Appeal

* March 22, 2004 Pebble Beach Company's Golf Course & Mansion proposal Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR).

* March 26th, 2004 Monterey County General Plan -3rd Draft

* April 2nd, 2004 Monterey County General Plan (3rd Draft) Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR#2)

* Oct 2003 Yet another NEW Rancho San Carlos Subdivision !!!!!!!! Draft EIR on "Potrero Area" is out and comments due Nov 8th 2003 Call Planner Mike Novo 883 7518

Investmark Lost - Monterey Co. Supervisors voted 4-1 to approve this outrage.

2002 NEW RANCHO SAN CARLOS Subdivision !!! We're Not Kidding !

June 17, 2002 Rancho San Carlos "Notice of Preparation" for another subdivision to create 29 new lots in Potrero Canyon (behind the Racquet Club) which was prohibited by the 1993 Zoning. (Monterey County Planner Mike Novo 883 7500) Planning Dir Scott Hennessey

May 28, 02 County "First" Draft-General-Plan-Update Email

May 18th, 02 County "First" Draft-General-Plan-Update Draft EIR (Yes, the EIR comments are bizarrely due BEFORE the Plan.) Email

May 17, 02 Appeal to Coastal Comm. for Highway 1 Concrete walls.

May 13, 02 Fort Ord Burning RI/FS

Apr 23, 02 Air District Smoke & Burning Mgmt Plan

COMING PROJECTS (email to agency head only) -

Pebble Beach Lot Program & Golf Course & EIR

September Ranch (It's Baaaaack!) & EIR

AMBAG's Population Forecasts - Technical Advisory Committee meeting as of July 2003. 


Pt. Lobos Sewer System - Oct 18, 01 (Call CAWD 624 1248)

Carmel Historic Preservation Plan Draft EIR - Oct 22, 01 (Roseth 620-2010 - Public Meeting on Nov 28)

Carmel Valley "Fiskdale Ranch" road Widening "for future residential development" Oct 25, 01 (L. Osorio 755 5025)

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