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As of January 2011 HOPE's website provides some 400 web pages and dozens of articles. It also includes more than 1,000 links to the world's best available environmental science & law, democracy law & science; summaries and details of local projects; and perhaps most importantly how you can help protect our magnificent Monterey Peninsula.

This page is to help you learn about recent improvements to HOPE's website and resources. 


  1. Web-Log (Blog) added: Now HOPE's website is a lot more interactive - you can ask questions and add comments for everyone.
  2. Privacy Increased: We've removed Google as HOPE's search engine and replaced it with IXQuick. This is because Google and Yahoo have done things which seriously conflict with HOPE's mission: Yahoo turned over data in China that had people put in jail for political reasons. Google stores all your personal search requests and could turn them over to a US government agency (even though they did refuse to do so once) - or they might sell your personal search data commercially. AOL published the search histories of more than 650,000 of its users. By contrast, IXQuick makes a serious commitment to your search privacy. Among other benefits, it erases all your personal search ID data within 48 hours.
  3. Search HOPE’s website – at the bottom of every webpage (including this one). July 16, 2006
  4. Excellent PC Software for Downloading - Free Virus & Spyware Protection, File handling (ZtreeWin), Web Browser (Firefox), and World class Image Viewer and resizer (IrfanView).
  5. Recent Letters and Article by HOPE
  6. Job Openings at HOPE
  7. Big Sur State Parks Ecosystem Walks
  8. HOPE's website now translated into Russian; French, Spanish & German translations Improved.
  9. Tsunami Warnings and Maps for California
  10. Instant-Objection to Clint's Pebble Beach Forest Destruction Project; your email is sent to Coastal Commission.
  11. HOPE Sues County Supervisors over Pebble Beach Forest Destruction Project for Violating California's Environmental Quality Act (Apr 12, 2005).
  12. Supervisors Approve Admittedly Illegal Pebble Beach Forest Destruction Project (March 15, 2005)
  13. HOPE in the News - links to media stories mentioning HOPE or its efforts.
  14. HOPE Letter to Landwatch "Does Landwatch Accept Growth?"
  15. HOPE's First Annual Whopper Award. And the winner is --
  16. Surf Forecast, Carmel River Flow, Rain Radar, Aircraft Flying Data, & Tide Chart
  17. "Community" General Plan - Developer's Dream or Resident's Nightmare?
  18. Voting Records of PG Council 2005
  19. Regional Rainfall (radar), Jetstream, Visibility, Snowdepth, Ozone.
  20. ***Coastal Commission Votes to Separate highly misleading "Save the Forest for Clint" Initiative from the Pebble Beach Project
  21. HOPE's Entire Website now Available in 7 Languages
  22. *Eight National Conservation & Fishing Groups including HOPE sue US EPA  to Keep Imperiled Species Safe from Pesticides
  23. ***Seven Peninsula Public Interest Groups Urge Water Connection Moratorium
  24. ***Six Peninsula Public Interest Groups' Minimum Requirements for a Healthy County General Plan
  25. Five -- Golden -- Rings.....Four calling birds, Three French hens...
  26. HOPE's Updated Critique of County General Plan's 12 Objectives
  27. HOPE's Reccommendations for National Forest Management - Southern California Forest Plan Update (Northern Los Padres and Ventana Wilderness)
  28. Federal Communications Commission: Public Needs Letters to Editor Broadcast on TV and Radio. 
  29. Pacific Grove's Mountain Lion: Request for Police & Deputy Sherrifs to take Tranquilizer Gun Training from Dept. of Fish & Game
  30. Article: Losing a Single Individual of an Imperiled Species is a Significant CEQA Impact 
  31. Peninsula & Big Sur Satellite Images & Topo Maps from USGS
  32. Today's Earthquakes!
  33. Measure A - the Phony "Save the Forest for Clint" Ballot Scam.
  34. Political Censorship - Herald Style.
  35. California Resource Protection Agencies Blast Eastwood & Ueberroth's Pebble Beach Golf Course and Mansion development proposal.
  36. Seven Groups Support including an Informed Consent Pesticide Safety Policy in Monterey County's General Plans 
  37. Live Satellite Image of Monterey Peninsula
  38. Imperiled Orchids Articles and Photo 
  39. Letter Objecting to EPA trying to Allow extinction of Imperiled Species 




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