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Environmental & Democracy Protection Laws

"When your heart knows some natural phenomena must be protected, there is at least one law which protects it."

-Dilworth's Rule of Environmental Law

Environment Laws

Democracy Laws

Animal & Plant (ESA) Protection

Open Government -- Open Meetings, Public Records Access and Privacy

Forest Protection

Environmental Process (CEQA, NEPA)

Clean Water Protection

Free Political Speech Expression Laws (SLAPPs)

Coastal Protection

California Political Reform Act or Prohibiting Governmental Conflicts of Financial Interest (look for Section 81,000)

Clean Air Protection

Local Laws

Wild Places Protection

Making & Repealing Laws, Corporations and Politicians

Wetlands Protection

Voting Methods and Campaign Funding

Chemical & Pesticide Restriction

Environmental (Code) (Un)Enforcement

Hazardous Waste


Food Quality Protection


Common Laws and Indirect Environmental Protection Laws


General Plans, Zoning,Subdivision Map Laws


Constitutional Environmental Protection

International Laws

Invasive Species


Always remember that laws change daily - due to legislation and court rulings.

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