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Dream Boldly, then Persist with Wisdom and Vigor.

Small ideas have no magic to stir men's blood.

A Noble Vision Will Live Long After We Die.

-David Dilworth, 2005


Our Wild Neighbors Need Your Help

You Can Help Support HOPE's successful efforts

Our wild neighbors and their homes desperately need your help.

Greedy developers mercilessly threaten all our wild neighbors - our internationally important and magnificently serene native Monterey pine forests, our Carmel River hosting the imperiled Steelhead salmon and Mark Twain's celebrated Red-legged frog, and the hundreds of other birds, mammals, forests, flowers and ecosystems of our Monterey Peninsula area.

HOPE has helped win hundreds of environmental victories and educated hundreds of citizens, from taking pre-schoolers walking in Monterey Pine forests to all ages learning ecosystems and Democracy laws to here on our Monterey Peninsula. With your help we can greatly expand that and make our victories broader and more permanent.

These wild species all need your support and your money, energy and encouragement to continue winning.

You can help -

  • HOPE's continuing Environmental Science and Democracy Law Education, 
  • Respond to Environmental Impact Reports (General Plan & Pebble Beach Co. Golf Course and Mansion Proposal),
  • Purchase Jeffers' Forest for a Permanent Preserve, 
  • Bring World Class Speakers to our Peninsula,
  • Fund our Public Interest Library, 
  • Research Local Environmental & Democracy Issues, 
  • Educate Local Schoolchildren about our Ten Local Ecosystems and the State of our Local Democracy,
  • Educate Peninsula City Councils & County Supervisors about Local Ecosystems and How Real Democracy Works,
  • Annual Budget for Staff and Overhead, and 
  • our Newsletter.

by funding -

a HOPE Membership, generous encouragement of gifts, or in your will or by making a stock donation.


How You Can Help

Education $40,000 to $120,000 per year

Our three education programs - World Class speakers and experts, activist workshops and community education forums could cost at least $40,000 per year for speaker fees, meeting halls, staff time and materials, and local school outreach education in ecosystems and democracy.


Stand behind your conviction that our wildlife neighbors deserve to live here and live peacefully too, that our forests will remain for generations to come, that our rivers should run clean and full - enabling wildlife to survive and thrive. As a member you may be randomly selected to serve as Trustee or Justice to help with HOPE's decisions.

There is no charge to join HOPE as a member because we don't want any environmental protection supporter left out, but we greatly appreciate and encourage donations. 

Newspaper $75,000 / year.

We intend to produce a Peninsula newspaper to bring you the news that the other media just don't cover.

Subscribe to HOPE's newsletter.

HOPE's newsletter will summarize our victories and issues and how you can help. Subscriptions are $45 per year.

Annual Budget - up to $200,000 per year

HOPE's annual budget for staff salaries, consultants, rent, materials and utilities may quickly grow to $200,000.

Gifts to HOPE

Remember, HOPE support makes a great gift! Set up a recurring credit card donation. Wouldn't it be convenient to automatically give HOPE a little bit each month? What could you afford each month? The cost of dinner and a movie, or a tank of gas? Perhaps augmented with a one-time donation if you're able.

Model General Plan Elements

HOPE has completed 4 of 12 planned General Plan Elements. Each takes hundreds of hours of world class science and law expertise.

Encouragement Funding

You may seriously want environmental protection but have no time to give (family and job) yet appreciate knowing you are helping by sending money.

Library - $500,000

We plan to create a Peninsula Library filled with the most useful and relevant books, journals, articles, maps and materials on environmental science and law and all the agency agendas and EIRs. It will be open to the public so they can have all necessary reference materials in one place. Obtaining the Library and its materials may cost $500,000.

Put HOPE in your Will.

Many of us can't give much now, but would love to when we are able. HOPE will to be around for a long time, and you can help our wildlife neighbors have a secure future by including something like the following in your will:

"to Helping Our Peninsula's Environment (HOPE), a non-profit organization organized and existing under the laws of the State of California with the current address of P.O. Box 1495, Carmel, CA 93921 for the general support of its conservation work"


Environmental Law Enforcement Failure Study - $75,000

We will study the massive, essentially total failure to enforce environmental laws in Monterey County.

Carmel River Pesticides in our Drinking Water

Monterey Pine Cone Opening

Animals Killed by Cars

Donate Stocks

Sometimes stock donations to our non-profit can have significant tax advantages. 

Jeffers' Forest - $60 million

Easily one of the world's most important forests, Jeffers' Forest gives you a glimpse at what our magnificent Monterey Peninsula Monterey Pine Forest Ecosystem looked like before Europeans arrived.

Donate Real Estate

Donating property or buildings to our non-profit can have significant tax advantages. HOPE can put permanent, irrevocable deed restrictions on property.

You may send highly appreciated tax-deductible donations for one of these specific projects, or just for general support, to

HOPE at P.O. Box 1495, Carmel, CA 93921

For more information please call - 624-6500

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