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September Ranch in Carmel Valley - Its Back

HOPE Sues the County to Protect Monterey Pines, our rural character of Carmel Valley and Peninsula from Water Rationing. Jan 18, 2007

This beautiful forest south of Jack's Peak Park is an important part of our native Monterey pine forest.


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Ed Leeper (through Save Our Peninsula Committee) & I (through Responsible Consumers) sued Monterey County over this approval several years ago (Sierra Club joined in later) and won. Judge Silver overturned the approval and the EIR primarily because of the bogus water claims.

"I Object" email Letter for you to send the Supervisors on September Ranch project

In 2004 the developer is back - trying to get the same project through, by merely fixing the EIR. This time we've put them on serious notice that Monterey pine forest Ecosystem is extremely important to protect and avoid

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