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Sunshine Laws - Open Government
vs. "Cockroaches do their best work in the dark."

Sunshine Laws increase public participation in government meetings and their access to government documents. 

A sunshine law can require -- 

  • Giving the public many more days before a meeting to read what is on an Agenda, so you can call staff and get questions answered before the meeting. 
  • A clear explanation of each Agenda item. 
  • Allowing the public to place items on the Agenda - when elected officials refuse to do so. 
  • Allowing each member of the public to speak with a meaningful amount of time. 
  • The creation of a Sunshine Task Force made up of members of specified public interest organizations such as Common Cause, Society of Professional Journalists and League of Women Voters. 
  • Permanent retention of Council meeting recordings.

San Francisco's Sunshine Law

Oakland's Sunshine Law

Model Ordinance Concepts

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