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Save Our "Fairy Woods" Forest

The beautiful forest between David Ave in Pacific Grove & Congress Road in Pebble Beach, called the "Fairy Woods" by schoolchildren, is an important native Monterey pine forest Wildlife Corridor.

Bad News --

On April 22, 2003 these four Politicians (County Supervisors) voted to destroy your Fairy Woods Forest:

Supervisor Edith Johnsen

Louis Calcagno

Butch Lindley

Fernando Armenta

Investmark just got County Planning Commission approval (Aug 14th) to cut down more than 200 huge, healthy native Monterey pines and Oaks so they can build 9 mansions - even though the Del Monte Forest Land Use Advisory Comm unanimously voted (8-0) to deny this project.

HOPE's first objection letter.

Now that neighbors have found out about this destructive project many are organizing opposition for the Nov 5 hearing.

An Appeal was filed Sept 5 so it will be heard by County Supervisors Nov 5, 2002.

Automatically prepare an "I Object" email Letter for you to send the Supervisors on Investmark project

County Planning Commission's Investmark Project Approval Documents

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