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Monterey County General Plan and Update

Why Should You Care About a General Plan?

Model General Plan Elements

How to Restore General Plan Control to the Public

HOPE and 5 other groups' Minimum Requirements for a Healthy County General Plan

HOPE's Comments

Official Documents

HOPE Media Release on General Plan Lawsuit, Feb 2, 2007

HOPE's lawsuit filed Feb.2, 2007

HOPE's Top 3 Concerns Aug 4, 2003

HOPE's Updated Critique of proposed General Plan's 12 Objectives Aug 23, 04

HOPE Scoping comments Sept 12, 1999

Monterey County General Plan Website

Existing General Plan - 1982 (PDF - 1.5 Megabytes)

HOPE Letter on GPU4, Jan 3, 2007 "What's needed to meet the Legal Minimums."

HOPE Board's Commentary on the "Community" General Plan Jan 2005

HOPE General Plan Comments Mar 3, 04

HOPE General Plan Comments Oct 7, 02

(HOPE GP Comments Oct 7, 2003 - MSWord Format)

Model Monterey Pine Forest Ecosystem Protection General Plan Element and Ordinance

Follow-Up Noise Comments.

Noise Element to be used in our General Plan

Light Pollution Element to be used in our General Plan

Pesticide Safety Element to be used in our General Plan

General Plan Update (Ver.3 -Jan 04)

Comment Deadline - March 26, 2004

Revised Draft General Plan Update (Apr 29, 2003)

First DRAFT General Plan Update Dec 18, 2001

HOPE Comments on GP Draft EIR #2


Draft GP EIR (Ver. 2 - Feb. 17, 04)

Comment Deadline - April 2, 2004

DEIR #1 Problems 

(Because the Draft General Plan was so preliminary and incomplete, HOPE did not comment in the D-EIR. We are preparing more than 250 pages of EIR comments.)

Revised Draft EIR (will be here when it is available. Contact HOPE so you can be notified of our EIR workshops on how to effectively comment.)


CNPS Comments 
Sierra Club Comments

Agency Comments

Monterey County Business Council/Common Ground's continuation of the "Refinement Committee" preparing another pro-growth anti-environmental General Plan


Why Does Landwatch "Favor" Huge (25 percent) Growth in next 15 years.


County "Refinement Committee"

HOPE's (wholly ignored) request to be included on the Refinement Committee and to also include 11 other public interest groups

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Model General Plan Elements


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