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Rancho San Carlos NEW 29 lot Subdivision !

This Page Last Updated November 29, 2002

(AMBAG # 060223)

Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report

Potrero Area Subdivision, Rancho San Carlos

County of Monterey, Contact: Mike Novo (831) 883-7500

The County of Monterey will prepare an Environmental Impact Report for the subject project, located in the Santa Lucia Preserve, east of Rancho San Carlos Road and west of Robinson Canyon Road in Carmel Valley. The proposed project includes a Combined Development Permit for 1,286 acres. The Combined Development Permit application is for a series of interrelated entitlements and permits intended to improve the policies and development plans for Rancho San Carlos and the Santa Lucia Preserve Comprehensive Development Plan, approved by the County in 1996.

The application includes a Preliminary Project Review/Vesting Tentative Map (VTM) to create 29 lots and 6 open parcels, and Use Permits for tree removal and development on slopes in excess of 30%. The application also contains a series of technical reports prepared by the applicant. Responses regarding this Notice of Preparation must be received by June 17, 2002.


* What in the world is Rancho San Carlos doing applying for another subdivision since they are prohibited by their 1993 Zoning!

"The density [of 40 acres per unit rather than 160 acres] shall be allowed only if (1) an application for development includes a comprehensive development plan for the [entire ranch]." -Resolution 93-115

This means that any new subdivision must reduce the density of houses already permitted to a "maximum of 106 units."

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