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Who We Are

2008 Board of Trustees

  • Vienna Merritt-Moore 
  • Ed Leeper 
  • Holly Keifer 
  • Dena Ibrahim
  • Terrence Zito 

Founding Trustees

  • Terrence Zito 
  • Darby Worth 
  • Ed Leeper 
  • David Dilworth 
  • Robert Campbell 

Science Advisors

  • Dr. Susan Kegley, Ph.D. - Chemistry 
  • Dr. Herman Medwin, Ph.D. - Acoustics  (Deceased January 2006)
  • Dr. Arthur Partridge, Ph.D. - Forest Ecology 

Legal Advisors

Founding Trustees

Science Advisors


Terrence Zito, Pacific Grove

Former Pacific Grove Councilman. Co-founder of Pacific Grove Neighbors. Lead Pacific Grove Council to create the Ordinance to stop "Fast Food" businesses in town in 1994. Special education teacher. Lead effort to create Pacific Grove's Historic Preservation law.

Darby Worth, Carmel Valley

Outspoken activist for human and environmental rights. Leading the anti-"corporate personhood" camapign in Monterey County. Leading member of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom & retired Carmel middle school teacher.

Ed Leeper, Monterey

Political artist, former Monterey Planning Commissioner, and President of Save Our Peninsula Committee Ed helped win 30 election campaigns (out of 41) and uncountable environmental and public participation issues.  Halted the presence of tanks in Monterey's 4th of July parades by lying down in front of one.

David Dilworth, Carmel

"Never met a tree I didn't like."

Founder, and now Executive Director, of Helping Our Peninsula's Environment. Common Cause Chair Monterey & Santa Cruz Counties 1986-1996. Played an instrumental role in hundreds of environmental and public participation successes.  Lead successful efforts to protect tens of thousands of Monterey pines and several vital imperiled ecosystems from Pebble Beach Co/Clint Eastwood "Chainsaw Massacre" 1992-2006, and stop aerial spraying of Monterey Peninsula with untested secret pesticides (2007-2008). Environmental impact consultant, author / compiler of the world's largest database on quantified environmental impacts, high performance vehicle designer, and computer scientist. Environmental and public participation law scholar and instructor, endangered species naturalist, forest ecologist, environmental protection advocate and retired software publisher. Dilworth was elected chair of the Carmel River Advisory Committee for the Water Management District in 2004.

Robert Campbell, Carmel (deceased Fall 2000)

Flamboyant, eloquent, loved and acclaimed writer of screenplays (Academy Award nomination for Man of a Thousand faces), novels, and television plays. Participated in many efforts to preserve Carmel's residential character.


Pesticides & Toxics --

Dr. Susan Kegley, Ph.D., San Francisco. 

Dr. Kegley is Staff Scientist for Pesticide Action Network in San Francisco. 

Acoustics & Noise --

Dr. Herman Medwin, Pebble Beach was one of the world's most highly qualified Acousticians.  Dr. Medwin died in January 2006

Dr. Medwin, was a Fellow, a Gold Medalist, and Past President of the Acoustical Society of America.

He was also a co-author of three graduate textbooks on acoustics, one of which sold over 10,000 copies. As a retired Professor of the Naval Postgraduate School, Dr. Medwin ran a successful business as a world-renowned consultant in acoustics. He assisted the Monterey County Planning Department and other government agencies of the Monterey Peninsula area, Pro-Bono, for the past 30 years. 

Forest Ecology --

Dr. Arthur Partridge, Ph.D. University of Idaho. Considered one of the world's leading forest ecologists, he is called to testify before Congress.

2006 Board of Trustees

Legal Advisors


Vienna Merritt-Moore, Marina

Founder of "Say No to Fort 0rd's Toxic Burning," an internationally acclaimed artist, and a television video producer, Vienna has led the effort to stop the wildland Fort Ord burning since 2001. Her achievements include leading the efforts to get Helicopter magnetometers to non-destructively map the unexploded ammunition rather than burning wildlands, getting an Environmental Impact Statement on the burning and getting the governmental agency "Central Coast Alliance on Health" to vote almost unanimously to write a letter of concern to the EPA and other agencies about the ills of burning Ft. Ord. She co-chairs the California-EPA authorized Fort-Ord Community Advisory Group.

Holly Keifer

Wilderness Guide who plays key and supporting roles in many important environmental protection battles, It was Holly who came up with the idea for the community landmark event of putting Rancho San Carlos up for a referendum. After a fierce campaign, the voters of Monterey County solidly endorsed Holly's idea 57% to 43%. 

Dena Ibrahim, Pacific Grove

Law school graduate Dena founded VISION - Vision Inspiring The Sanctity And Integrity Of Nature. Dena raised Monterey Peninsula's first public opposition to, and has organized successful protests against, the Cruise Ship invasion of Monterey which led to the city of Monterey banning one ship forever and a Cruise Line for eternity. Dena led the fight to protect the "Fairy Woods" in Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove. 

Ed Leeper, Monterey

(See above)

Terrence Zito, Pacific Grove

(See above)




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