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Animals Killed By Cars

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Have you known of a loved dog or cat killed by a car?

Have you ever stopped to watch a deer tenderly browsing vegetation?

Or seen a rare Gray Fox gently drinking from a trickling creek?

Have you heard a Great Horned Owl's hoot resonate through a quiet forest?

Have you ever seen those same animals dead on our Peninsula roads?

I have.

I saw a horse killed by a car near mid-valley on Carmel Valley road, a dog killed by a car near Robinson Canyon road; a deer bounced 30 feet in the air in Pebble Beach. I've lifted a beautiful, still warm coyote, a once majestic great horned owl, a tiny gray fox and many birds off our highways to their final resting places. Every morning there are huge numbers of innocent dead animals on our local highways.

"The Humane Society and the Urban Wildlife Research Center estimate that more than 1 million large animals are killed annually on U.S. highways. 'Roadkills' usually increase with traffic speeds and volumes. Studies in the state of Florida indicate that road kills are the primary cause of death for most large mammals, including several threatened species."

- Todd Littman, Victoria Transportation Institute


HOPE intends to study where animals are killed by motor vehicles in our area, and recommend how these needless deaths can be significantly reduced and eliminated. We will use Global Position devices and digital cameras to records the locations and the species to prepare a map.

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