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Local Environmental and Democracy (Public Participation) Victories in 2003

90 Successes in 2003 as of Dec. 18

(We haven't had time to update the victories column since April 2nd as we are too busy helping achieve them.)

* Apr 2 Water Board votes to be Lead Agency on Moss Landing Desalination Proposal.

* Apr 2 Water Board votes 6-1 for Cal-Am to rescind Dam, or vote to deny in 90 days.

Apr 2 Water Board votes to do replacement size water desalination project only - no-growth.

Apr 2 Water Board votes to propose water project & require a public vote. (Sand City Mayor Pendergrass votes against allowing us to vote on it)

Mar 26 Monterey County Plan Comm votes against Carmel Valley Mouth Gamboa Project - again.

March 19 Pacific Grove Council unanimously refuses to endorse Fluoridation. 

*March 18 Monterey City unanimously Bans a Cruise Ship forever & a Cruise line for 15 years!

*March 18 Monterey County Supervisors vote unanimously against Fluoridation Intervention.

March 17 Water Board approves EIR on Water Transfers 

Spring (Item not available) 

*March 13 Senator McPherson will consider dropping Water District killing bill.

March 13 Water Dist Advisory Comm approves monthly Board Education Prog. 

March ?? Monterey County Planning Commission continues Rancho San Carlos 12 lot application. 

March 7 Herald editorial urging access to public records in PG. 

March ? Monterey staff intends to Ban a Cruise Line from docking. 

*February 27 Water Bd refuses to accept Carmel River Threshold Flow Report

February 27 Water Bd refuses PBCSD Water Transfer fm Pebble Beach Company 

February 27 Water Board fails to approve settlement on City lawsuit. 

February 26 Marina Coast Water Dist. refuses to support Fluoridation. 

February 18 Mtry Council refuses to encourage Water Fluoridation

*** February 11 Cal-Am Abandons Carmel River Dam!

February 7 Investmark hearing delayed because of comment volume. 

February 5 Judge O'Farrell Denies Demurrrer in Forest Hill Manor case. 

January 16 Herald story on Pacific Grove streamlining and Meeting committee isssue. 

January 15 Pacific Grove Council unanimously approves making comments on Fairy Woods (Investmark project) safety. 

January 15 KSBW story on streamlining and Meeting committee isssue. 

January 15 Pacific Grove Council unanimously approves D. Dilworth & Lee Yarborough on "meeting" committee. 

January 15 Pacific Grove Council unanimously creates "meeting" standing committee. 

January 15 Pacific Grove's City Lawyer tells Mayor 2 let silence as public speech. 

*January 15 Pacific Grove Mayor abandons "Streamlining" effort after 19 all negative comments.

January 15 Pacific Grove Council moves "Streamlining" Item to front of Agenda on citizen request. 

January 8 Pacific Grove Planning Commission Notice SubCom eager to use "sq ft & stories" notice concept.

January 7 Carmel Valley LUAC Blasts Fishdale Grading "Fraud" 

January 7 Carmel Valley LUAC Continues Safeway - w/ many problems. 

January 7 AMBAG adopts Woods & Poole projections - not ABAG's, or AMBAG internal, numbers. 

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