Helping Our Peninsula's Environment
Local Environmental and Democracy (Public Participation) Victories in 2007
33 Successes in 2007 as of Oct 14

(We haven't had time to keep the victories column updated as we have been overwhelmed achieving them. Would you like to volunteer to help keep our website up-to-date?) 


* Oct 10. HOPE obtains a TRO halting aerial Spraying of pesticides on Monterey Peninsula.

Aug thru Oct HOPE helps organize people who persuade City Councils of Monterey, Pacific Grove and Seaside to oppose Aerial Spraying of Pesticides on Monterey Peninsula. Santa Cruz later joins the chorus.

Aug 16 HOPE uncovers a huge Open Meeting Law Violation organized by Congressman Farr, 

July 15 HOPE Catches and gets the City of Monterey to admit lying to the Coastal Commission.

July HOPE helps publicize how Supervisor Dave Potter refused to meet with Girl Scouts Who Want to Protect Native Monterey Pine Forest

July ?  PG Council adopts Fee Waiver - purely on HOPE's request.

*** June 14. Coastal Commission Solidly Rejects Clint Eastwood’s Chainsaw Massacre – 57,000 native Monterey pines are saved. HOPE and David Dilworth led battle for 15 years, attending every hearing, organizing, publishing and publicizing the science including submitting more than 1,000 pages of best available ecological science on native Monterey pine forests, making numerous serial presentations (as many as 9 speakers serially making Powerpoint presentations), hired "Mark Twain" to tell how the Celebrated red-legged frog gave him his start in writing, commissioned the "Monterey pine" song and it performance, and sued Monterey County to overturn the colossally faulty and illegal Environmental Impact report.

Jan 17 HOPE sues Monterey County to Protect Monterey pine forest and red-legged frogs threatened by September Ranch project in Carmel Valley 

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