Helping Our Peninsula's Environment


What Makes HOPE Special?

 1. Clear Measurable Conservation Goals

a. Ecosystem Protection based on Science - not Politics.

b. Clear Priorities.

2. An Organization with Genuine Representative Democracy - called Governance Duty.

a. All members have equal opportunity to serve no matter what race, age, gender, or economic or social status.

b. No small group of people can control the organization because of the random selection of leaders and the Separation of Powers of the Board and Judicial Council.

c. No Incumbency

d. Money Contributors May Not Control Actions

e. Continual Declaration of Mission Support


4. Leadership Training & Experience

Chairpersonship Rotation


5. Example Setting

Trustees are Randomly Selected, not Elected.

Equal time for Speakers

Members Agree to Serve Governance Duty

Decision makers agree to disclose their positions & uphold Bylaws.

Any issue may be voted on by members

Members votes are binding on Board & Judicial Council.


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