Helping Our Peninsula's Environment


HOPE's Mission

To encourage, and to provide assistance, education, inspiration and research to the public, people and organizations who wish to encourage -

1) the complete protection, conservation, preservation of all natural phenomena and natural lands of the Greater Monterey Peninsula and the restoration of its native ecosystems to a healthy self-sustainable state;

2) improvements in sustainable participatory democracy in all forms of local, state, U.S. and international government which could affect the natural phenomena of the Greater Monterey Peninsula; and to use all lawful means to carry out these goals, except that the organization will not support candidates for elected office.

Helping Our Peninsula's Environment is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit tax-deductible California Public Benefit Corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes. [California Nonprofit Corporation Law 5130]

Discussion: Helping Our Peninsula's Environment will -

  • Hold Public Forums, Debates and Workshops presenting world experts,
  • Hold Town Hall meetings,
  • Conduct hikes and tours,
  • Conduct Public Interest Research & Analysis

And as a result of these -

  • Take positions on local issues,
  • Provide information on issues and projects to governmental agencies and the media,
  • Conduct Leadership Training,
  • Help other groups and individuals working to achieve our mission,
  • Recognize efforts in support of the mission,
  • Maintain a Reference Library for members use,
  • Publish and sell newsletters and books related to protecting Peninsula natural resources,
  • Purchase important habitat to protect it, and
  • Take legal action.

While this is not a social organization, it may organize social activities around its events.


(a) Protection of natural habitat and all forms of natural wildlife shall take precedence over all other activities.

(b) The "Leave-it-Alone" principle shall be used as the protection of choice. Only where overwhelming, undisputed scientific evidence specifically suggests that it would be less harmful to ecosystems, may this organization take a position supporting any human "management" of any natural habitat or wildlife.

(c) Protection of concerns of the Public Interest, (including environmental health, consumer and taxpayer interests), and Residents take precedence over all business, profit making and economic growth interests.

(d) Protection of economic growth or business interests is not within the scope of this organization.

Discussion: Because Economic Growth and Business pressures are strong, relentless and usually contrary to the Mission, it is important to declare that protection of the Peninsula's natural majesty and its residents are of the highest concern and that economic and business concerns shall fend for themselves.

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