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HOPE Letter on GPU4, Jan 3, 2007 "What's needed to meet the Legal Minimums."


Monterey County Supervisors California Open Meeting Law (Brown Act ) Violated to Help Pebble Beach Company destroy 17,000 trees in an imperiled forest: HOPE insists County Supervisors Must Rescind Letter on Clint Eastwood and Pebble Beach Company's Measure A to Coastal Commission. July 11, 2006



  1. Free the Sea Otter, Letter and speech to Fish & Wildlife Service, at Monterey Bay Aquarium, Nov 3, 2005

  3. Logging More Trees Needs More Public Notice, Pacific Grove Council, November 2, 2005.

  5. Removal of Trees in Pacific Grove's Washington Park and other City Lands Requires Dramatically Better Process October 19, 2005

  7. Proposing Two Marine Reserves - One surrounding our Monterey Peninsula and another protecting all of the occupied Sea Otter habitat, October 14, 2005.

  9. Letter to Landwatch "Landwatch Ducks Vital Growth Questions," October 12, 2005

  11. East Garrison Project Cannot be Consistent with Admittedly Inadequate General Plan, October 4, 2005

  13. Formal Public Records Request for copy of Rancho San Juan Video Tape of Supervisors August 16 Meeting, Sept 28, 2005

  15. To Pacific Grove Council, Logging 30 Large Monterey Pines in Washington Park is Not Exempt from CEQA, September 21, 2005

  17. Emergencies under California's Environmental Quality Act, letter to Editor Home Town Bulletin, Sept 21, 2005

  19. Magical Misty Forest, by HOPE Trustee Vienna Merritt-Moore


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