Helping Our Peninsula's Environment
Magical, Misty, Monterey Pine Forest 

Copyright 2005 Vienna Merritt-Moore

White mist rises from the ocean and magically clings to pine needles and jeweled spider webs, it gathers and descends to quench the forest floor while California Coastal Commissioners deliberate on how to stop the self-omnipotent Pebble Beach Company from committing crime to all.

Acorn Woodpeckers glide around outstretched arms of pines while County Supervisors are poised to give their blessings on the execution of over 17,000 Monterey Pines and the living web that cradles them.

Shyly the imperiled Yadon Piperia Rein Orchid hides itís delicate white beauty in miniscule while black chainsaw blades are oiled.

Grey Foxes stealthily sew their way through the underbrush while bulldozers, chippers, and tractors are contracted to clear the forest floor.

Endangered Steelhead Trout knife their metallic bodies through curtains draped over the smooth rocks of the Carmel River while Pebble Beach Executives and Owners celebrate their success at creating paper water.

Mark Twainís celebrated Red-Legged Frog holds one of itís last sanctuaries on the Carmel River while a delivery system for increased pumping is designed to divert itís water.

Jays caw and squabble punctuating the song of downwind waves while copy machines mechanically hum duplicating final contracts that seal fate.

Purple Douglas Iris reach through the rich weaved blanket of forest cover soon to be a putting green while humans sleep as their treasures are forever destroyed for greed.


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