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The Emergency Edict

(c) Copyright David Dilworth March 2002

There are times and circumstances when the Precautionary Principle is inadequate to protect natural phenomena from irreversible harm from immediate, large, threshold breaching or cumulative activities. For such circumstances, the Emergency Edict is needed.

Emergency Edict

When credible threats of irreversible or significant multigenerational duration harm to human health or our environment are raised, no human activity shall be allowed which causes either -

  • Increasing or continuing irreversible harm, or 
  • has any risk of preventing the restoration of health to threatened humans or environment. The only activities allowed are those which provide genuine health restoration. 

"When you see or hear a waterfall, its time to stop rowing downstream. Only upstream rowing or actions to get to shore are allowed."

Once credible evidence of a potential threat of irreversible harm is provided, the Emergency Edict is activated.

The Emergency Edict can only be lifted when there is no credible evidence of further potential irreversible harm from any from immediate, large or cumulative human activities.

The extinction of a species is an example of a significant irreversible impact.


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