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Project - Stop Burning Fort Ord

Overview & What To Do

(Word file)

Alternatives to Burning - 
1. Helicopter Electromagnetic Sensors with GPS   (2003 Article in PDF), and 
2. Fluorescent Microbes Sprayed with Crop Duster

ARMY Burning Alert Website

Army Intentional Burning RI/FS Documents (removed by the ARMY)

HOPE Health Alert Oct 23, 2003 (Burn Fumigating Peninsula occurred Oct 24. Only HOPE Alerted Peninsula to Certain Smoke Danger.)

HOPE Health Alert Nov 18, 2002

Send Instant-emails to Congressman Farr, Senators Boxer & Feinstein & Governor Schwarzenegger

Spreckels School District Resolution Against Fort Ord Burning


Central Coast Health Alliance Letter Insisting on a Health Analysis before Burning.


"Say NO to Fort Ord TOXIC BURNINGS!" RI/FS comment letter which included 449 hand written cards opposing the Burning of Ft. Ord.

Click here to Email - "Say NO to Ft. Ord Toxic Burning"

Click here to Email - "Monterey Bay Toxics Project"

Monterey Bay Toxics Project Cover Letter to RI/FS

Powerpoint Presentation

RI/FS Comments by Bill Mitchell who held a variety of research and administrative positions at EPA over 30 years. His last 16 years involved characterizing the emissions from Open Burning and and Open Detonation processes.


RI/FS Comments by Dr. Gunnar Heuser

References / WebSites

RI/FS Comments by Dilworth Consulting


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