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New California Law Requires your children's School to give you 72 Hours Advance Notice of all Pesticide Use

A new California law (The Healthy Schools Act of 2000) now requires your school district to give you 72 hours advance notice of all pesticide use. Unfortunately, you must tell the District you want to be notified. You also have to remind them every year.

This page lets you just click on your school district's name to create an automatic notification request letter in your email. All you have to do is add your name and address - then click send.

The letter reads -

Dear Superintendent,

Please notify me of any and all pesticide use by our school district as required by the Healthy Schools Act of 2000.

Please also put me on your 'Interested Parties' list so I am sent all notices of available documents, meetings and hearings on pesticide use.

Thank you.

(add Your name & address here)

Just click here to notify -

Carmel School District

Call Judy Long for more information 624-1546

Carmel School District intends to use Roundup (Glyphosate), PCQ (Diphacinone) and Sling Shot (Tetramethrin)

Monterey School District

Call Carlos Pina for more information 899 3380

Pacific Grove School District

For more information call Maintenance 646-6537 or the District Superintendent at 646-6520

Feedback - Info(at)

831 / 624-6500 P.O. Box 1495, Carmel, CA 93921

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