Helping Our Peninsula's Environment


Environmental Groups & Activists - National

Achieving the Best Results

Bad Actors

"To the extent commerce is not governed - commerce governs."

Forest Ethics (Michael Marx)

Boise Cascade - Timber Dinosaur

Boise Cascade #2

Plum Creek

Forest Protection (Tim Hermach)

US DeForest "Service"

Earth Island Institute (David Brower's Legacy)

Citizens for a Sound Economy

Center for Biological Diversity (Robin Silver)

Fighting Endangered Species Protection --

  • Homebuilders Association,
  • Farm Bureau,
  • Realtors Associations &
  • Chambers of Commerce.

Environmental Research Foundation (Rachels' Newsletter - Peter Montague)

Chemical Specialties Manufacturing Association

Pesticide Action Network

Pesticide & Chemical Makers -- Monsanto, DuPont, ICI, Dow.

Sea Shepherds (Paul Watson)

International Environmental Pirates 

RainForest Action Network (Randy Hayes)

Citi-Bank (Sandy Weil-CEO)

Union of Concerned Scientists

Fighting pollution (nuclear and air) and to protect biodiversity.

Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers - Fighting safety improvements, better fuel economy standards and vehicle air pollution for decades

Worldwatch (Chris Flavin)

Almost all governments


Chlorine Chemistry Council

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Food Manufacturers Association

Democracy Protection & Restoration Groups

Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy (Richard Grossman)

Criminal Corporate America

Michael Moore

Criminal Corporate America

National Initiative for Democracy (Mike Gravel)

Corporations Renting Politicians

Alliance for Democracy

John Ashcroft, US Attorney General

Reclaim Democracy

Criminal Corporate America

Regional Groups

EPIC (Environmental Protection Information Center)

Logging Corporations, Developers 

Friends of Yosemite Valley (Joyce Eden)

US Park (Development) Service 

Cal-PIRG (Public Interest Research Group)

Criminal Corporate America

Jumping Frog Institute (Bob Stack)

Homebuilders Association - fighting Endangered Species Protection in U.S.

Media - Print, TV, Radio, Internet


Project Censored Media (Peter Phillips)

Rupert Murdoch

PR Watch Impropoganda


Doublespeak Journal (National Council of Teachers of English)

PR America (Hill & Knowlton, Ketchum, Powell-Tate, Edelman etc.)

Skeptics (CSICOP)

Illiteracy Inc. 

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