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Peninsula Gridlocked Roads as of December 2000

Map Prepared by County General Plan Update Team from TAMC data


Road capacity is measured by "Level of Service" which assigns grades of A through F. Gridlocked Roads are at "Level of Service F." 

Roads in Red on the map here are either at Gridlock (Level of Service "F") or almost gridlock (Level of Service "E" or "LOSE".) 

As you can see we have gridlock or near gridlock on Highway One past Carmel to Marina, Highway 68 from Highway One to Pacific Grove, and Highway 68 to Salinas. Other full roads are the Lighthouse Curve leading to the Tunnel, Del Monte Avenue in Monterey, and parts of Carmel Valley Road. 

This data is from three years ago and has generally gotten worse. Further, it does not include increased traffic from events such as Golf Tournaments or Festivals.

At the joint Meeting ot the County Supervisors and Planning Commission in October 2003 we were all told by the General Plan Update Team --

"No matter what roads we build or widen - congestion is going to get worse."

It is hard to imagine how congestion can get worse from our existing gridlock, but Los Angeles gives us some insight. There they have 10 lane freeways gridlocked for 8 to 12 hours per day. 

Level of Service "F"(Gridlock)

Level of Service "E

Level of Service "D

Level of Service "C

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