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Destroying Democracy
Legalizing Secret Lobbying

On January 29, 2004 these four Politicians (Water Board Members led by Larry Foy) voted to remove a law protecting our democracy - the Water Board Rules requiring public disclosure of all their conversations with those people and businesses who have a financial stake in issues voted on by the Water Board.

However, at the next meeting Chairman Alvin Edwards had a change of heart and voted against it - so it failed. 

Three cheers for Alvin.

Director Larry Foy

Director David Pendergrass

Director Michelle Knight


Chairman Alvin Edwards

Monterey Herald Editorial Jan 29, 2004

"Monterey Peninsula Water Management District newcomer Larry Foy says, "'I'm all for open communication,'" but he wants to repeal internal rules that prohibit secret lobbying of board members. The rules make it too difficult for constituents to communicate with board members, he said. "'You can't put people through those inconveniences.'"

"What inconveniences? The rules ask nothing of people who contact the water board. They simply require board members to report any contacts on specific projects. Considering the potential for conflicts of interest, real or perceived, that may arise from Foy's past association with the California American Water Co. and the Monterey Commercial Property Owners' Association, you'd think he'd welcome that sunlight. Instead he's reaching for sunscreen." 


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