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U.S. EPA Fighting to Cause Species Extinctions

And you thought the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was supposed to protect our environment...

To the contrary, EPA has willfully and recklessly evaded protecting imperiled species from pesticides for decades, even though they have been required by law to do so since the 1970's when the Endangered Species Act was passed by Congress and signed by President Nixon! 

In the meantime thousand of animals have been killed by pesticides including endangered species such as imperiled salmon, Monterey County's own darling San Joaquin Kitfox and the delicate Piping Plover

San Joaquin Kitfox

Now that courts are forcing EPA to protect imperiled species from pesticides, EPA made rules to bypass the agencies with the expertise and the authority given by Congress & President Nixon. 

This forced nine conservation and fishing groups, including HOPE, to file suit Sept 23, 2004 to halt this outrage.

Court Protects Endangered Species From Bush Pesticide Rule Weakening, Aug 23, 2006

Lawsuit Media Release Sept 23, 2004

Lawsuit Fact Sheet

Read the Lawsuit Here


Pesticide Industry Influence

Letter from NOAA Fisheries to the EPA

Center for Biological Diversity's study on pesticide use and endangered species

Letter from congressional members opposing proposed new pesticide regulations

Case studies on pesticide threats to endangered species

Fact sheet explaining FWS & NMFS shifting scientific positions on pesticide protection



HOPE's Letter Protesting this outrageous EPA proposal.

Joint Letter from 20 public interest groups, including HOPE, explaining the scientific reasons why the proposal would be harmful (coordinated by Pesticide Action Network) April 2004

Proposal Documents (on Federal Register)

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