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Carl Miller 
Police Chief
Pacific Grove, CA      

July 16, 2004

DFG Mountain Lion Tranquilization Training

Dear Carl,

We strongly oppose anyone killing or harming Pacific Grove's resident Mountain Lion. 

This is underlined by -

* how the lion has posed absolutely no threat to humans or domestic pets unlike so other mountain lions. It is innocent until proven guilty; and

* because if it ever does pose a threat a reasonable response is to tranquilize it and relocate it to our neighboring Ventana Wilderness.

We look forward to the immediate training by the California Department of Fish and Game of Pacific Grove peace officers in using tranquilizing darts and equipment so this marvelous native animal is not killed by humans.

We also view this as an excellent opportunity to educate the public about how to co-exist with wild animals who have lived here for hundreds of thousands of years before our culture very recently arrived.

Please let us know what is the earliest date when the training can be completed.

We stand ready to assist our city and California Department of Fish and Game in any way to achieve these goals.

With our best wishes,

David Dilworth, Executive Director

Cc: Assemblyman John Laird
California Department of Fish and Game
Monterey Herald
Pacific Grove Neighbors
Animal Friends Rescue Project
Sierra Club