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Help Protect our Imperiled Monterey Pine Forest Ecosystem from Clint's Pebble Beach Company Forest destruction golf course project by E-mailing your "I Object" letter from this page to the Coastal Commission.

Cut and Paste and mail the letter below to express your concern and to claim your legal rights --

1) Let Coastal Commissioners know of your interest in protecting our imperiled native Monterey Pine Forest ecosystem,

2) to be informed of all project documents and hearings, and

3) to have "Standing" to file suit if necessary.


The letter begins here -

Coastal Commissioners

45 Fremont Street, Suite 2000

San Francisco, California, 94105


Please Stop Clint's Pebble Beach Company

Forest Destruction Project – Reject Measure A because Monterey Pine Forest is ESHA


Dear Coastal Commissioners Caldwell, Burke, Kruer, Reilly, Kram, Shallenberger, Neeley, Clark, Padila, Wan, and Potter, 

I respectfully urge you strongly support Staff’s recommendation and reject the Pebble Beach Company’s Measure A rezoning because it drastically violates our Coastal Act by allowing destruction of ESHA (Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area) needed by officially imperiled animals including Mark Twain’s California red-legged frogs. It also threatens our native Monterey pine forest protecting Gowen Cypresses and the priceless Yadon’s rein Orchids.

Such a dramatic zoning aberration would allow permanent destruction of huge areas of our vitally needed native Monterey pine forest ecosystem and could potentially drive these species to extinction.

I respectfully request you –

1. Reject Measure A for its serious conflicts with protections required by our Coastal Act, most especially because native Monterey pine forest is Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area in at least 8 different ways, and

2. Direct Monterey County to update the Del Monte Forest Local Coastal Plan using the recommendations provided by this Commission after you conducted a periodic review in 2002-2003.

3. Direct Pebble Beach Company to seriously evaluate buying a nearby offsite golf course.


Thank you sincerely,



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(PS You can change or add to the letter in any way you wish.)

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