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"To the extent commerce is not governed - commerce governs."

Helping Our Peninsula's Environment (HOPE)

Pebble Beach Company, Clint Eastwood, Peter Uebberoth, Supervisor Dave Potter, AMBAG, Carmel, Sand City,

Save Our Peninsula Committee, Ed Leeper

Monterey County Supervisors

Carmel Valley Women's Network, Grace Darcy

Tony Lombardo - Land Use Lawyer (e.g. Pebble Beach Company)

Sierra Club, Ventana Chapter

Brian Finegan - Land Use Lawyer (e.g. Rancho San Carlos)

California Native Plant Society, Corky Matthews

Lloyd Lowrey - Land Use Lawyer

Pelican Network, Jack Ellwanger

Mark Blum - Land Use Lawyer (e.g. Rancho San Juan)

Highway 68 Coalition, Mike Weaver & Marit Evans

Common Ground (fighting for a weak County General Plan)

Pacific Grove Neighbors, Terrence Zito

Monterey County Business Council (advocating for more highways)

TidePool Coalition, Jim & Lee Willoughby

Mo Ammar, Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce

League of Women Voters


Carmel Valley Association


Democracy Protection & Restoration Groups

Helping Our Peninsula's Environment (HOPE)

All Cities, County and other agencies

American Civil Liberties Union, Monterey Chapter

Monterey County Supervisors

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Monterey Chapter

Monterey City, Seaside City, Salinas


Carmel Village government





Regional Groups









Media - Print, TV, Radio, Internet





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